Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Drum Roll Please....

Our Production Shots were done by the lovely Adam Levy ( last week and so of course we just HAD to share them with you.


Thank Adam for a brilliant job. Do let us know what you all think of his skills! :)

After the shots we made some tweaks to our set and props to then say goodbye to our, what feels like children, today to let them fly the nest up to Scotland ready for our arrival on the 1st August. All thanks to the lovely people at Cadogan Tate and of course Daddy Burns for the epic journey to Wimbledon and back! I do look pretty happy/tired in this picture BUT I am not... Sad goodbyes all round.

But the festival is near approaching and tickets are selling fast so please, if you know you're coming then do book before you come!

With our set absent we are really excited to continue our rehearsals, keep you all up to date with news and prepare for the month ahead!

To get our juices going before Edinburgh we're doing a little preview of Waterproof at the Riverside Studios next Sunday (24th). It's gonna be a cool stripped down version. So it's a total one off. 

If you feel like it, you can book tickets here:

Thank you to everyone who has and is helping us every step of the way!


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