Sunday, 29 May 2011

Car Boot No.2

Bleedin' heck.

These early starts (4:30am!) are rough but definitely WORTH IT.

This morning was our second car boot sale -held to raise money to get us How It Enders to Edinburgh Fringe this summer.    


All in all we made £120 - which ain't too shabby for the junk we've accumulated over the years.  

Eva Sampson is a world champion haggler.

Here's to car boot no 3 in a few weeks!

Now it's time to catch up on some sleep....

WATERPROOF on location...

 The other night - armed with fairy lights, a few props and a camera, Eva and I 'Waterproof'-ed up a dilapidated building in Luton.  Amidst the brick and the lamplight we attempted to create some cool production shots that capture WATERPROOF's atmosphere.

So here are just a few of shots taken that night.

 We're also excited to announce that we will be working with Mobius PR to promote the show this summer. We're chuffed because Mobius have worked with some great companies over the past few years such as Gecko, Analogue and Hoipolloi. 

It really is an exciting (and busy!) time. We can't believe the Edinburgh Fringe brochure is released in two weeks. TWO WEEKS.

It's all starting to come together. Be sure to keep checking the blog -so much is changing and evolving every day. Thanks for your continued support!                                  - Teresa

Friday, 27 May 2011

How It Ended present... A NIGHT OF COMEDY

Wave goodbye to that dreaded Sunday night feeling and enjoy a night of merriment with How It Ended Productions and friends.

How It Ended Productions present...

A NIGHT OF COMEDY, poetry and a little light music....


The comic talents of:

‘Clever ideas... neat punchlines... ones to watch!’ - Spoonfed

‘A comedic genius in waiting... soon you’ll be saying I saw him before he was famous!’ – Three Weeks

Look out for this brilliantly offbeat upcoming Norwegian stand-up, who mixes surreal stuff with dry-as-a-bone gags.’ - The Guardian
Winner of So You Think You’re Funny 2008

‘Has one a stack of awards... go see why’ – ScotsGay
Winner of Funny Women Awards 2005
We also look forward to welcoming back some very popular acts;

The electric spoken word artists:




The brilliant singer songwriter:



Start Time: 8pm
Finish: 10.30pm

Venue: The Dog House, Kennington

Google map:

5 minute walk from Kennington Tube (Northern Line)

Entry: £6 (pay on the door)

All proceeds go towards our WATERPROOF Edinburgh fund so we'd really appreciate your support.

It's bound to be agreat night. If you're on the fence - be sure to check all our acts out online - it'll make your mind up for you! They're extraordinary.

See you in Kennington!


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sharing Saturday...

As another week fades away quickly things are becoming increasingly clear for How It Ended Productions.

We are now a month away from the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe brochure being released and tickets going on sale - we can't wait to check out all the other shows - it's certain to be another exceptional year for theatre and we going to ensure that we're at the centre of the hub.


This week has seen some very exciting creative developments. Inspired by our event on Saturday and checking out some brilliant productions in London we took the opportunity to work through script augmentation, set and visual ideas, as well as our aspirations for W A T E R P R O O F and the company for the year ahead.

Teresa and Eva met to discuss the show in depth and with the benefit of hindsight we were able to scrutinise what really works, what lines don't quite fit right and some brutal cuts for the 60 minute time restrictions on the Fringe. It has seen some characters emerge larger and brighter, whilst others disappear into the shadows so to tighten and focus the piece. 

After much debating, role playing and list making Teresa locked herself away in her attic room (soon she'll be able to be the office instead) and wrote. We are in a great position to make 
W A T E R P R O O F the best show we can and we are not going to stop until we believe we've got there. 

'But I Made You a Mixed Tape' was a pleasure and after a great response How It Ended Productions are now looking to make this a regularly produced event. A platform for emerging writers, performers and musicians. More information for plans next month will be on our blog soon so keep a look out.

If you couldn't make it, or if you want to have another peak into our world here are a few snaps and a glimpse into some of the great talent across the board. 

                                                           Cardboard stereos

                  Paul Cree Performing 'Brown Paper Bag'

Go ahead and have a peruse over some 'beautiful words' by Teresa through the link below:

Another talent who joined us on Saturday was Sean Mahoney whose powerful piece of poetry can be seen in this note.


In other news Teresa is busy writing another new play, Eva is rehearsing for a production as part of the Wandsworth Arts Festival and Madeleine is busy at the Archway teching another house production. 

What's the saying? No rest for the...

Hope you've enjoyed having a read, thank you. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Lots of love,

How It Ended


Sunday, 8 May 2011


Last night saw the premier of our first spoken word event BUT I MADE YOU A MIXED TAPE - a spoken word event about songs. Each piece performed was inspired by a particular song and as you can see from the night's playlist - it was jam packed with talent. We were lucky to have members of Camden Roundhouse's Rubix Collective: Dean Atta, Paul Cree, Zionite and Sean Mahoney join us. All great spoken word artists and all regularly perform their stuff in London and beyond. Look them up and check them out. They are total wordsmiths. We also had the lovely Jon Barton - a great young writer and recent graduate of the Royal Court Young Writers Programme so he is certainly one to look out for!  Grace Saif and Erin Witton provided beautiful music and heartfelt covers. Both of these girls are only teenagers and they have a hell of a lot of talent and soul come to that. How It Ended Productions was also able to showcase its talent with Stephanie Hampton and our very own Eva Sampson performing a selection of Teresa's poems - some of which will be uploaded onto the blog soon so make sure you have a listen and let us know what you think! 

Inside the atmospheric walls of Jacksons Lane, Highgate emerging artists sang/spoke about lost love, good music, bad music, text messages, sex, soundtracks, growing up and  more, much more.  After such a positive response to the event, we are excited to annouce that BUT I MADE YOU A MIXED TAPE will become a regularly produced event and a key part of our fundraising drive. It's the perfect platform for storytellers who love music and it's about to get bigger and better!

Forever concerned with the visual, of course we couldnt help but try to transform the studio - with cassette tape wallpaper (see image above), cardboard stereos , dusty old records and a load of old lamps that could've belonged to your Grandma!

We're excited to now take BUT I MADE YOU A MIXED TAPE on the road and continue to raise money to get our show WATERPROOF to Edinburgh Festival. If you're a musician, spoken word artist, writer or performer and you're interested in performing at the next reincarnation of BUT I MADE YOU A MIXED TAPE, email us at:

We'll be announcing the next BUT I MADE YOU A MIXED TAPE event details soon so keep checking the blog and follow us on Twitter: @how_it_ended or on Facebook (search): How It Ended Productions.

Thanks for reading and an even bigger thank you to all who came out last night! We really appreciate all support we've received so far on our road to Edinburgh Fringe!

Oh and check out the BUT I MADE YOU A MIXED TAPE film put together by our very own Madeleine Scott Cree below. Teresa's in it. Looking moody. Enjoy!

Lots of love, 

How It Ended

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Saturday is drawing near!

Hello readers!

Saturday is just around the corner and How It Ended Productions cannot wait.

'But I Made You A Mixed Tape' is going to be a very special evening for us.

Our first epic night of performances from very talented performers all to raise funds to get WATERPROOF to The Pleasance at this years Edinburgh Fringe.

Filled with beautiful lyrics and words that make beautiful poems and rhymes the Jacksons Lane Studio will be transformed. Live music and film footage will shape the evening's entertainment and let's not forget a 'spot' of alcohol!

Come along for a couple of hours and see a mixed tape manifest itself before your very eyes.


Saturday 7th May

Jacksons Lane, Highgate

£8 (email before Saturday)
£10 (on the door)

Back now to more meetings and more coffee!

Oh and happy Star Wars Day - May the fourth be with you.