Monday, 7 February 2011

The Mystery of Aqua Town

When Eva and I came up with the idea to make a play about a girl who works in an aquarium, we began researching local aquariums and sea life centres for inspiration. This research led me to stumble across this:

It was a bit of a surprise. I've lived in Luton nearly all my life and I had never heard of the place - this 'aquarium' that had been 'entertaining vistors for more than ten years'.

The address on the website said:  72 Cardigan Street:

I made my way into Luton town cenre and there it was, 72 Cardigan Street.

This is Aqua Town:

Doesn't look like an aquarium does it?

Confused; I revisted the website which apparently had last been updated April 2010 and I double checked the address. I had come to the right place but no Aqua Town.

I phoned the telephone number on the website. No answer.

It got me thinking, WHAT IF. What if Aqua Town did exist. 72 Cardigan Street, Luton. What would it be like. What kind of people would work there. 

That was our starting point and that's how 'Waterproof' was born.