Friday, 12 August 2011

We made it!

So we made it to the Fringe. All safe and sound. And now with nearly two weeks past we thought we’d take some time out and update you a little!
What an emotional rollercoaster it’s been. As everyone will tell you it’s nonstop – flyering, worrying, networking, performing, worrying and learning.
As I sit in our flat overlooking the Scottish Highlands it’s a good time to contemplate and reflect on the last week. It’s been all sorts of emotions, some good some bad. The days roll into weeks here. In one way I feel I’ve been here a year and in others merely a day. I have learnt a hell of a lot already, about myself as a performer and a theatre maker. Things keep developing in the show- we’re always trying to improve on things- as well as trying to cut it down a little! It has been tough but brilliant doing a one woman show and I whole-heartedly wouldn’t want it any other way for 2011. It has stopped raining on the odd occasion and walking is the name of the game up here, which is lovely. Most people are very kind and allow us to have a minute from their busy schedules to talk to them about our show and shelter them under our ‘WATERPROOF umbrellas’.
The show has been getting some lovely, positive responses, which is brilliant. We’ve had a lot of press in and with some great comments; 4 Stars from Hairline Magazine and two very warm 3 Star reviews from The Scotsman and Fest Mag. We are really happy with these reactions as a new company, with its first show at the Fringe, and hope more good news will come our way soon!
We’ve also been able to see some incredibly thought out and heartfelt pieces of theatre, inspiring us as individuals and as a company. Shows that open our minds to the possibilities available to us in theatre, and how much having a large budget can aid a piece. We have become increasingly aware of the need for a decent budget to help our development as theatre makers and actor/writer’s. We have BIG plans to continue the name of How It Ended, a company ‘to look out for’ PUBLIC REVIEWS. Big ambitions, but to do so we will have to work hard to establish industry relationships and continue our fundraising efforts! And we are up for it, definitely so.
In the meantime Edinburgh is a lovely place and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in August!